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    No matter how good your own driving skills are, owning a car can be an expensive and risky business. That's why it pays to cover your vehicle against accident or theft.


    The MSIG Motor Insurance offers you a thorough and comprehensive approach to motoring wherever you go. If your vehicle is already covered by another insurance company, switching over to MSIG is easy. You may transfer your NCD over in full.


    • Free MSIG Motor Assist* which includes 24-hour nationwide towing and emergency roadside repair services and 6 months' warranty on repairs by MSIG panel workshops

    • No-hassle full transfer of your NCD from your previous motor insurer

    • Extensive selection of optional benefits

    Choice of Motor Policies

    1. Third Party Cover

      Insures you against claims for bodily injuries or deaths caused to other persons (known as the third party), as well as loss or damage to third party property caused by your vehicle.

    2. Third Party, Fire and Theft Cover

      Provides you with Third Party Cover and also loss or damage to your own vehicle due to accidental fire or theft.

    3. Comprehensive Cover

      This policy provides the widest coverage. Provides you cover as in Third Party, Fire and Theft Cover plus physical damage to your vehicle due to accidental collision or overturning.

    Optional Benefits with Additional Premium

    1. Windscreen*

      Covers the breakage of glass in windscreens, front, rear and side windows. The damaged windscreen will be replaced and your No-Claim-Discount (NCD) will not be affected. [Premium Charged – 15% of the Amount Insured]

    2. All Drivers Coverage*

      (Only applicable to Private use vehicle registered under company/organisation) This extra coverage waives the RM400 Excess. Not applicable to: drivers below 21 years old, holder of a provisional driving licence, or the holder of a full driving licence of less than two years and for commercial vehicle (i.e. trailers, lorry etc). [Premium Charged – RM50 per vehicle]

    3. Legal Liability to Passengers – Private Use Vehicle

      Cover protects the Insured against legal liability to the passenger in the event of a claim.
      [Premium Charged – 25% of Third Party Premium. Basic Premium up to 5 persons only. Additional premium of RM10 for each additional person.]

      Note: It is an offence under the law of the Republic of Singapore to enter the country without extending passenger liability cover to your motor insurance.

    4. Legal Liability of Passengers – Private Use Vehicle

      Covers the legal liability of passengers for acts of negligence.

      [Premium Charged – RM7.50 per car]

    5. Legal Liability to Non-Fare-Paying Passengers – Commercial Vehicle

      Covers the Insured for legal liability to passengers.

      [Premium Charged – RM20 per vehicle. Basic Premium up to 5 persons only. Additional premium of RM4 for each additional person]

    6. Legal Liability to Passenger – Motorcycles

      Covers the Insured for legal liability to passengers.

      [Premium Charged – RM15 per vehicle]

    7. Strike, Riot & Civil Commotion*

      Covers the vehicle against damage caused by strike, riot and civil commotion.

      [Premium charged – 0.3% x Sum Insured of your vehicle]

    8. Flood, Storm, Landslide, Landslip or Subsidence Cover*

      Covers the vehicle against damage caused by the above perils.

      [Premium charged – 0.5% x Sum Insured of your vehicle]

    9. Current Year NCD Relief*

      This extension provides cover for compensation for loss of No-Claim-Discount (NCD).

      [Premium charged – 15% on NCD entitlement of the current period of insurance and is subject to a minimum premium of RM50]

    10. Motorcycle All Riders Coverage

      (For Motorcycle – Comprehensive/Third Party Cover)

      To cover unnamed riders.

      [Premium Charged – 50% loading of Basic Premium]

    * For Comprehensive Private Car only

    Enjoy MSIG Motor Assist - Free with MSIG Motor Policy*

    24-hour MSIG Motor Assist: 1-300-880-833

    Nationwide network of panel workshops

    6 months' warranty on repairs by MSIG panel workshops

    Transmission of Emergency Information to your immediate family during an emergency

    Download Motor Assist booklet

    * For Comprehensive Private Car only

    View General Exclusions and Important Notes >

    The standard Motor Insurance Policy DOES NOT cover:

    • Your own death or bodily injury;

    • Your liability against claims from passengers;

    • Theft of non-factory fitted vehicles accessories (car stereos, leather seats, sports rims etc) unless otherwise declared;

    • Consequential loss, depreciation, wear and tear, mechanical or electrical breakdown failures or breakages; and

    • Loss/damage arising from an act of nature e.g. flood, landslide and landslip.

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