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    No matter how good your own driving skills are, owning a car can be an expensive and risky business. That's why it pays to cover your vehicle against accident or theft.


    The MSIG Motor Insurance offers you a thorough and comprehensive approach to motoring wherever you go. If your vehicle is already covered by another insurance company, switching over to MSIG is easy. You may transfer your NCD over in full.


    Basic Cover

    • Personal Accident - Up to RM200,000

      • Covers death, loss of limbs or sight or permanent total disablement due to accidents anywhere in the world.

    • Emergency Medical Evacuation - Up to RM500,000 including arrangement and expenses of:

      • Transportation to nearest suitable hospital or repatriation when medically appropriate.

      • Air and/or surface evacuation.

      • Repatriation or transportation of mortal remains if death should occur during your stay overseas.

      • Arrangement and payment of compassionate visit.

      • Accommodation expenses for compassionate visit.

    • 24-Hour Emergency & Travel Assistance hotline: 603-2166 3080

      • Hospital Admission

      • Emergency Medical Evacuation

      • Compassionate Visit

      • Medical Service Provider Referral

      • Repatriation or Local Burial of Mortal Remains

      • Lost/Stolen Baggage

      • Lost Travel Document

      • Emergency Message Transmission and Interpreter Assistance

      • Visa Requirement

      • Inoculation Information

    • Cancellation Prior to Departure - Up to RM20,000 for non-refundable pre-paid tuition fees if your trip is unavoidably cancelled before the time of departure in the event of:

      • Your death or death of any of your immediate family members.

      • Your confinement or confinement to any of your immediate family members in a hospital arising from bodily injury or terminal sickness.


    Optional Enhanced Cover

    • Personal Liability - Up to RM200,000
      Indemnity for all sums that you become legally liable to pay consequent upon:

      • Accidental bodily injury or sickness of another person

      • Accidental loss or damage to the property of another person occurring while you are outside your Home Country.

    • Baggage and Personal Effects - Up to RM4,000

      • Covers the cost of repairs to your damaged baggage and/or accidental loss of your own personal effects.

    • Medical Expenses for Injury - Up to RM20,000

      • Reimburses your medical expenses incurred resulting from injury while outside or on visits to your Home Country.

    • Study Interruption - Up to RM20,000

      • Hospitalisation for more than one consecutive month due to an injury

      • Terminal sickness

      • Medical repatriation

      • Death of your immediate family member

    • Temporary Accommodation - Up to RM4,000


    View General Exclusions and Important Notes >


    • War and related risks.

    • Government Regulations or Acts of Authorities.

    • Hazardous sports including parachuting, hang gliding, mountaineering, any kind of race (other than on foot or swimming) or trial of speed or reliability.

    • Suicide, self-inflicted injury or illness.

    • Pregnancy, childbirth, physical or mental defect or infirmity.

    • AIDS, AIDS related complex (ARC) or sexually-transmitted diseases.

    • Drug abuse unless the drug is taken in accordance with an authorised medical prescription (but not for the treatment of drug addiction).

    • Air travel except as passenger in a fully licensed passenger carrying aircraft.

    • Any crew, trade or technical activity in connection with an aircraft.

    • Acts of terrorism.

    • Pre-Existing Conditions of the Insured person.

    • Cost of Burial in Home Country.


    Important Notes

    • The age limit for the Insured Person is between 16 and 55 years of age and attending an overseas Educational Institution full time.

    • Emergency Evacuation is applicable if the Insured Person is suffering from serious illness. It does not apply to Home Country.

    • Do not negotiate to settle third party claims and always refer them and any notices to the Insurer.

    • The insurance shall not be effective unless the premium payable has been paid.

    • The description of cover is a brief summary for quick and easy reference. The precise terms and conditions that apply are in the Policy Document.

    • You can request to view the actual insurance policy before you sign up.


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